Classic Army M134A NV Vulcan Airsoft Minigun w/ Barrel Shroud

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The M134A NV Vulcan Minigun from Classic Army is the ultimate tool to take down any and all opponents. With six rotating barrels shooting BBs at over 550 FPS, the M134A can outfire and out-distance most airsoft guns on the market today. The universal design of this minigun allows players to use their choice of propellant for the power source such as Co2, Green Gas, Propane, HPA. or compressed air from a compressor. Classic Army wanted this replica to be extremely authentic in performance and aesthetics, weighing over 25lbs. and 37.5” in length. Constructed from a full CNC metal body and rotating gatling barrel assembly, the M134A is an absolute monster on the battlefield and is sure to strike fear in the eyes of your enemies. A 12v battery powers the super high torque motor which operates the rotating barrels with smooth and reliable feeding. The M134A Vulcan Minigun has an extremely high rate of fire from each of the 6 barrels, but is backed up by a 2,000 round stock magazine; letting you provide ample coverfire for the whole team. Easily mount the M134A onto a truck or helicopter with an additional mount (Not included) or run around Rambo style and unleash a hailstorm of plastic onto your opponents. The controller style handle and front handle provide optimal grip and stability when maneuvering and operating this beast. Each individual barrel features an adjustable hop-up so you can perfectly tune each barrel for various BB weight or wind direction for the most accurate shot every time. Feel confident nothing can stand in your way from securing the win by mowing down everything in your path with the M134A NV Vulcan Airsoft Minigun from Classic Army.


  • Color: Black
  • 550 FPS (0.20g BB)
  • Magazine: 2000rd
  • Weight: 25lbs.
  • Inner Barrel: 501mm
  • Powered By Co2 / Green Gas / Propane / HPA / Compressed Air
  • Full CNC Metal Construction
  • Full Metal Rotating Barrel Assembly
  • 12v Battery Powered Rotation
  • Individual Hop-up Units
  • 3000 Rounds Per Minute
  • Barrel Shroud Included
  • Controller Style Grip
  • Super High Torque Motor
  • Safe / Full Auto 
The Classic Army M134A NV Vulcan Airsoft Minigun w/ Barrel Shroud was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 12, 2024