Airsoft Holsters

Every great sidearm and pistol needs an equally great holster to maximize their potential while making them easy to carry. Having your sidearm easily accessible can make the difference between a victory, and a loss. The right holster allows for a safe, secure place to store your sidearm which will allow for easy access when it's time to draw. Airsoft Nation carries a wide range of pistol holsters, some of which are designed to hang off of belts while others attach right to chest rigs using MOLLE webbing. Drop leg holsters can be attached to keep your profile slim while remaining extremely maneuverable. These high quality holsters are fully adjustable for the perfect fit on tactical gear and players of all sizes. Pistols come in all shapes and sizes and for that reason we provide multiple varieties of holsters, some of which are designed to fit a certain style perfectly while others are universal to fit almost all makes and models. Whether you prefer to carry your sidearm on your belt, shoulder, leg, or vest; Airsoft Nation has everything you need to satisfy the needs of airsoft warfare. 

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