Every airsoft electric gun (AEG) relies on a battery to power the motor and make the gun operational. Having a high-quality battery can greatly enhance performance, while a low-quality battery can reduce the effectiveness of even the best AEGs. When selecting a battery and charger, it's important to consider:

  • Voltage - This indicates the power output of the battery, with higher voltage equating to greater power. A high voltage battery will also result in a faster motor speed and higher rate of fire. For AEGs with upgraded springs, a high voltage battery is often a must-have due to the increased force needed to power the piston.

  • mAh (milliampere-hour) Rating - This reflects the battery's capacity, with a higher number meaning a larger battery and longer play time between recharges.

  • Connector Type - There are two types and sizes of connectors, male and female and large and small, respectively. A male connector can only connect to a female connector of the same size, and compatibility is key. If two connectors are incompatible, an adapter may be needed.

  • DC V - This is the DC voltage output of the charger and the maximum battery voltage it should be used to charge. For example, an 8.4V charger should not be used to charge a 9.6V battery.