Packs & Hydration Carriers

When skirmishing in large airsoft fields having a Backpack with all your necessary gear can make the difference between taking the win or hanging your head in shame. A durable backpack is the best way to transport and easily access extra ammo, gas, clothing, or other accessories without having to run back to your base or staging area. Staying properly hydrated is vital during long battles and hot days, and now it has never been easier.

Airsoft Nation carries a wide range of Hydration Carriers to easily carry large amounts of water without having to waste time fumbling with water bottles or canteens. Usually worn as a backpack or attached directly to MOLLE compatible gear, our Hydration Carriers use a bladder and hose system which feeds the water from the pack directly over the players shoulder and can be situated near the mouth area for fast water access.

Many of our carrying systems provide ample pouches and pockets to hold tools or other things that can come in handy when things get tough. Make those hot and muggy days a little more bearable by properly hydrating yourself.  Pick yourself up a Hydration Carrier and get back on the battlefield confident you have what it takes to come out on top.