Certainly, here is the additional information regarding Lithium batteries, (LiPO or Li-Ion), for airsoft guns:

Lithium batteries are high-discharge batteries designed to be used with upgraded or high-end airsoft guns to drastically increase performance. They can discharge at a much faster rate compared to other batteries, resulting in a noticeable reduction in the time between pulling the trigger and firing a BB (known as trigger response). Additionally, the use of lithium batteries gives the operator the option to increase the voltage from the typical 9.6v NiMH batteries to an 11.1v LiPO battery, thereby increasing the rate of fire.

It is important to note that not all airsoft guns are capable of handling the power of an 11.1v battery. However, many guns can be upgraded by the Airsoft Nation professional airsoft gunsmithing department to handle the increased stress of using these batteries.

Additionally, lithium batteries require a special balance charger to be properly charged. It is always recommended to store LiPO batteries in a safe and cool place and never charge them unattended.